About Chris Prestegard

Wildliferhythms at home in Maui Sept23,2018
ChrisPrestegard 9.23.18

Wildliferhythms at home in Maui Sept23,2018

I've been passionate about wildlife photography since 2004. I strive to bring smiles to animal lovers around the world, and to share the warmth that I feel in my heart when I observe these wonders of nature.  

I worry constantly about our endangered animals and strive to bring awareness and support for these precious creatures. I'm addicted to viewing and documenting Big Cat families in the wild as long as I can and look forward to my 19th trip to Africa in 2019.  

When not on photo trips or traveling, I chill out in Hawaii which has been home for 22 years with my husband and extremely spoiled feral kitty. My heart is still connected to the San Francisco Bay Area where I grew up and worked. My career was in the telecommunications and software consulting field, managing sales/marketing and business development. 

All images were captured with Canon professional cameras and lenses ranging from 14mm to 800mm.